Veterans 向上的束缚



Veterans 向上的束缚 (VUB) is a federally funded TRIO program designed to help veterans meet their academic and career goals. All services are FREE to eligible veterans.

This program has offices in Gadsden and Anniston, but VUB staff travel regularly to serve veterans in Blount, 卡尔豪, 切罗基族, 粘土, Cleburne, 迪卡尔布, Etowah, 杰佛逊, 马歇尔, 谢尔比, St. Clair and Talladega counties.

Veterans can choose to participate in VUB classes or enroll in college courses. Both options are available online or in person. Program eligibility is not limited to veterans planning to attend Gadsden State.

Every veteran will be provided with an individualized action plan. VUB can provide a wide variety of services including assistance with educational benefits, academic preparation, computer skills training, financial management education and enrollment at the school of your choice. 除了, we also connect veterans with other resources including the Veterans Administration and local agencies who specialize in serving the veteran community.

FREE Veterans Services Include:

  • Academic Assessment & 深思熟虑

  • Educational Benefits 信息rmation

  • 应用ing for 金融援助 / 奖学金

  • Assistance with College Enrollment

  • 职业规划 & 探索

  • 辅导服务

  • Computer 技能培训 

  • Financial Management & 规划

  • Other veteran related workshops

  • Participation in Community Service Projects

***Eligible veterans have the opportunity to ​receive a monthly stipend by participating in ​​weekly VUB educational activities.

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访问 any site location or email VUB at

加兹登办公室: 256-549-8204

安尼斯顿的办公室: 256-835-5481





Title 名字 电子邮件
导演 莎拉Aultman
Academic Coordinator/Recruiter 琳达莫里斯
办公室经理 Audra艾伦 aallen@​
现场协调员 凯特林肉类
现场协调员 马蒂Gwin
Educational Specialist 迪安娜哈特利





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